April 30,2020


April 30,2020

United Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Part 1 – Run & Hang:

20 min AMRAP:

AMSAP Dead Hang from Bar

Run 800m

*2 Scores:

*Score 1 is your lowest hang time.

*Score 2 is your slowest 800m run.

Part 2 – Static Stretches:

Accumulate 3 min of the following movements/broken anyhow:

-Seiza Sit

-Straddle Pancake

-Downward Dog


*Workouts starts with a max hang on a bar, with any style grip. No grips allowed. Gloves are ok, but nothing that you can ‘hook” onto the bar. Track your time once you drop & perform an 800m run. Your 800m run time stops once you are back on the bar for your next hang. Track your slowest 800m run & your shortest hang time.

*If no bar, find something to hang from for as long as possible or if you have weighted plates/objects you can perform a pinch hold to still get some form of grip training in