August 25,2014


August 25,2014

Squat Snatch Max

Rest 3 min

Take 90% of that max snatch and perform 8 min AMRAP


What is CP Battery Test?

The simplest way to answer this question is to think of your capacity to lift heavy weights as a battery. Every time you lift a weight close to you max you drain the battery, and then it recharges. When lifting a weight at say 90% of your max, you may drain your battery 50% or 85%. And it may take you 30 seconds or 3 minutes to recharge your battery, which is based on your individual physiology.

For example

A. Power Clean; build to a 1RM
-Rest 2 Minutes-
B. 8 Minute AMRAP:
Power Cleans @90%(A.)

Athlete 1 Power Cleans 300 lbs. Then he gets 38 reps @270 lb in 8 minutes.
Athlete 2 Power Cleans 300 lbs. Then he gets 17 reps @270 ln in 8 minutes.

– In this scenario athlete 1 has a good CP battery since he can perform a high volume close to his max with relatively short rest between reps.
-Athlete 2 on the other hand has a poor CP battery as he needs a significant amount of time to recharge his battery before hitting the weight again.
-Note: a score of 30+ is the goal/ indication of a good CP Battery.