December 21,2019


December 21,2019

United Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Base Snowball = 100 Double Unders

Body Snowball = 75 Cal Row

Head Snowball = 50 Burpees

Hat = 100 Double Unders

Eyes = 75/60 Cal Row

Nose = 50 Syncro Air Squats

Mouth = 100 Double Unders

Pipe = 75/60 Cal Row

Arms = 50 Burpees

Buttons = 100 Double Unders

Scarf = 75/60 Cal Row

Eyebrows = 50 Syncro Reverse Lunges

*All movements are shared except the syncro movements.

In pairs. Once you complete each movement, you may move to your board and draw the next part of the snowman WHILE holding a single arm plank – you cannot move from one exercise to the next until ALL reps have been completed for that movement and you draw that portion of the snowman. There are two scores for this workout – 1. Fastest time to complete the snowman and 2. Best Snowman drawing picked by the group (Can’t vote for your own).