February 23,2022


February 23,2022

United Performance Fitness and Training Center – CrossFit

Push Press (Build to a strong TnG Triple)

One set every 60 sec x 5 sets

Metcon (No Measure)

2 sets:

B1. Tall Kneeling SA Landmine Press @ 2020: 8-10 reps/side – Focus on keeping hips extended, constant tension in delts

Rest 30 sec

B2. Seated Elbow on Knee DB External Rotation: 10-12 reps/side – Slow/controlled tempo

Rest 1-2 min

Metcon (Time)


3 Rounds for time:

Row 500/400m

12 Thrusters – 95/65#

9 CTB Pull-Ups

Rest 1 min after each set

*Total time includes 1 min rest

Part 3 – Cool-Down:

1-3 sets as shoulder circuit:

B1. Prone Incline Bench Rear Delt Raises: 12 reps

B2. Seated DB Lateral Raises: 12 reps

B3. Standing Supinated DB Front Raises: 12 reps

B4. Seated DB Y Front Raises: 12 reps – thumbs to ceiling

Rest 30-60 sec b/t each

*Holding VERY light plates/DB’s for each