June 30,2022


June 30,2022

United Performance Fitness and Training Center – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Pulling Strength:

A. For time: 30 Strict Pull-Ups

*8 min cap

Metcon (Time)

Sandbag Circuit:

7 Rounds:

10 Sandbag Box Step Ups – 24/20″ – held anyhow

8 Sandbag Bent Over Rows

6 Plank KB Pull Throughs (3/side) – 70/53#

Rest 30 sec b/t sets

Part 3 – Cool-Down:

Wim-Hof Cycles:

3 sets:

30 deep/aggressive inhales/exhales

*at the end of the 30th exhale hold your breathe until you reach a 9/10 RPE, then take a deep inhale and hold for 20 seconds, then continue into next set.

*Track your scores for each hold after exhale. Perform laying down or w back against wall for support.