March 25,2020


March 25,2020

United Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

min General Warm-Up –


Squatting Follow Along:

Part 1 – “Tabata Plus”:

For max reps working 20 sec on/ 10 sec rest x 8 sets of each:

Air Squats – Resting in the bottom

Push-Ups – Resting at the top

Weighted Swing – Holding Loaded Object

Mountain Climbers

Rest 1 min b/t movements

** DB or KB

DB or KB Swings

** Barbell

Hang Power Clean 75/55

Part 2 – Upper Body Pulling:

A. Pulling/Body Row Variation: 8-12 tough reps x 3-5 sets; rest 1-2 min


For Tabata, complete all 8 sets of each movement before moving on to next.

A. Find some form of upper body pulling variation. Bar/broom stick on chairs, straps hanging, etc.