Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

*Jenny Tribuzio*



  1. Where are you from? What do you do for work? Family?

I’m from Metter, GA, a small, 4 stop light town in South Georgia. I went to Ga Southern (the real GSU) then moved to Atlanta for an internship and never left! After graduation, I started in a college hire program at AT&T and have been there ever since. I’m currently working in experiential marketing (events, grassroots, sponsorships) for Cricket Wireless, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. Every day brings a new challenge which keeps me on my toes, kind of like Crossfit! My husband FJ works for SunTrust Bank and is wrapping up his MBA in a couple weeks (YAY!!!). We have two kids, Rhett who is 5, has sweet ninja moves and is playing baseball and Baylor, my ballerina super heroine who will be 4 in July. They keep me on my toes and every day I am basically training to keep up with them!

  1. When did you start CFP?

I started at CFP in Oct 2012. Baylor was 3 months old and Rhett wasn’t even 2 yet and I was starting back at work after maternity leave. That was rough! I had been doing crossfit for a few years, but nothing compares to coming back after pregnancy and trying to manage your expectations. I had to forget about what I used to be able to do (which still wasn’t a lot) and start from scratch. It was a blessing because I also got to relearn and ditch some bad habits!

  1. Whats your biggest fitness/health accomplishment since starting CFP?

I have some funky knee situations going on over here I have been wearing a knee brace whenever I exercised since I was about 17. About a year ago, I was able to shed it! I can’t squat heavy and my lunges are a joke but I’m able to work out and even push myself and PR without any kind of added knee support. I’m also pretty into the nutrition aspect of it and have completed several Whole30s and other nutrition challenges. I fluctuate a little around the holidays like everyone else, but I’m currently at my highest lean body mass ever.

  1. What are your future fitness goals?

I really want to drink wine, eat chocolate and still be able to wear a 2 piece bathing suit on our family vacations. I need to figure out how to do a strict pull up, a handstand push up and toes to bar, too.

  1. What do you do for fun?

I love entertaining – being with friends, cooking (and having a say in what we are eating) and a few glasses of wine make me a happy girl. I love family movie nights, good ole fashioned retail therapy and theme parties. I LOVE making lists and crossing things off of them. I lead a crazy busy life and while my house is never clean and I am never on time, I love trying to squeeze in everything I possibly can. And Netflix binging. How’s that for a random collection?

  1. Favorite lift/workout?

GHDs, Running, Power Clean (even though I can’t do anything RX). And I kind of like rope climbs only because I’m still so excited I can do them!

  1. Least favorite lift/workout?

Along with 98% of the population, I’ll throw thrusters out there. They are demoralizing. I also really don’t enjoy wall balls.

  1. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start at United Performance?

DO IT! When I first started, I worked from home so I went to different classes throughout the day based on my schedule. I met so many great people – some of my closest friends are people I met through CFP. The support from the coaches and other members is nothing short of amazing. I can’t believe the things I have pushed myself to do and how far out of my comfort zone I go on a regular basis. Every day that I go to CFP, I feel accomplished no matter how I actually performed. As an added bonus, I have found a place I can be myself at 6(05) in the morning – where I can be encouraged, challenged, respected, entertained, accepted and celebrated. There’s pretty much something for everyone if you just take the chance!