Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

Rusty Hellen


  1. Where are you from? What do you do for work? Family?

From Memphis TN but I have lived here for 20 plus years.  Married to my wonderful and extremely understanding wife Amy for 24 years.  Daughter Chloe at Auburn and son Avery is a senior at Roswell HS.  I sell 24/7 industrial, ergonomic furniture to critical control room environments.  Think Homer Simpson at the nuclear power plant.

  1. When did you start CFP?

5 plus years ago at Silos and I have been following Travis and Marjorie around since then. Love Passion.  BTW I started 2 weeks after back surgery for a bulging disc that I fought with for over a year.

  1. What’s your biggest fitness/health accomplishment since starting CFP?

I flipped my BMI from 20 plus % to around 13% and dropped 3-4” off my pant size while gaining weight/muscle.  Got off BP medicine.

  1. What are your future fitness goals?

Can I say double unders and a strict pull up after 5 years?

  1. What do you do for fun?

CrossFit?  That is fun right?  Like camping & hiking too.

  1. Favorite lift/workout?

WOW!  Overhead squat and or snatch because it is the most awkward movement in the universe.  Love rowing too because I have never done that before starting CF.

  1. Least favorite lift/workout?

Thrusters in anything.  WOD- 21 15 9 thruster & bar over burpees.  Did I make that up or is it a nightmare?  OH I hate running too.

  1. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start at United Performance?

Try to find the best coaches and environment you can and start small.  Small classes, skill training, little by little.  CrossFit is a chipper.  Health is a chipper. Life is a chipper.