Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

*Nekeidra Frederick*



  1. Where are you from? What do you do for work? Family?

I went to high school and college in Southern California but I learned good mid-western values while growing up in Chicago, IL.

I work seven days a week to keep track of a busy husband and try to raise three grounded kids, ages 8,6, and 2.

In my spare time, I own/run a small marketing and PR company, Gunner Marketing Group. We promote health and wellness brands including our healthy, home-delivered, eat+LIVE meals, medical practices and other related businesses.

  1. When did you start CFP?

I am actually a founding member of United Performance. That sounds crazy! I remember meeting Travis over three years ago when he led me through a trial workout. I couldn’t walk for days. He was the first person in years that made me work that hard. For some ridiculous reason, I loved it, so I stuck with it.

  1. What’s your biggest fitness/health accomplishment since starting CFP?

Since working out at CFP, I’ve managed to get into great shape, have a third baby and come back to even better shape than I was before. I absolutely love my body at 40 and I know I wouldn’t look and feel this way without the encouragement of the CFP community.

  1. What are your future fitness goals? 

My goal is to have an ass like Macy and Marjorie. My plan is to squat just a little deeper in 2016 and actually practice a muscle up.

  1. What do you do for fun?

I run. I like to run with friends or run by myself. I like to race or explore new trails. I run with my kids in town or as a way to see a new country. I also enjoy eating a good meal with family and friends. Then I go run it off.

  1. Favorite lift/workout?

I appreciate any workout with deadlifts, and running, of course.

  1. Least favorite lift/workout?

If I ever meet the person who created the Assault Bike, I will punch them in the face.

  1. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start at United Performance?

Very few people can work out hard on their own. It helps to connect with some of the people at CFP and learn their inspiring stories. It’s the community, not the workouts, that keep me coming back month after month.