October 14,2019


October 14,2019

United Performance – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Coaches choice

Metcon (No Measure)

2 sets of positional work:

1. Feet on Wall Bridge Support Hold: 15-20 sec w/ focus on extension of anterior hip, not lower back

2. Global Extension Bar Hold: 10-15 sec – focus on extension from hip & feet together/toes pointed, feet on ground creating full “arch”

3. Light Bar Kip Swings: 8-10 reps – focus on tight body position & extension from hips, not lower back, working balance/avoiding swinging


2 sets of kipping drills:

1. Kipping Pause Pull-Up Drill: 3-8 reps, based on skill/difficulty

2. Jumping CTB Drill w/ Pause in descent: 5-8 reps

**2. For those with adequate technique: 10-15 butterfly CTB, working speed & turnover

*Coaches, create stations & rotate class through each drill every 60-90 sec

Metcon (Time)

For time:

18 Kipping HSPU

24 DB Box Step Overs w/ Single DB on Shoulder – 24/20″, 50/35# – Hold DB Anyhow

18 TTB

24 SA DB Power Clean – 50/35#, alternating hands

18 CTB Pull-Ups or Choice 9 Ring Muscle Ups


18 Hand Release Push-Ups or 18 Pike Positions Shoulder Taps/side w/ Feet on Box

24 DB Box Step Overs w/ Single DB on Shoulder – scale loading/box height as needed

18 Hanging Knee Tucks

24 SA DB Power Clean – Scale Loading as needed

18 Pull-Ups or Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-Ups