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Olympic Lifting Program

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The beginning of our Olympic lifting program on Thursday’s has now started. The point of starting this is to break down the snatch and clean and jerk even more, to dial in the technique, and see which mobility limitations are in the way.

First off, we will be working a lot with just the barbell and pvc, performing 100’s and 100’s of reps to make sure that it is ingrained in our brains for good! What seems to be happening is when we begin a workout we seem to throw out the technique we just learned and focus on getting the weight up. The goal going forward is to perform so many reps that it will be natural when you are fatigued to keep the form more efficient.  While performing these lifts on Thursday’s, be sure to set up perfectly and execute the rep the best you can, try not to just go through the motions. The same way you set up to go for a 1RM should be the same way you approach an empty barbell.

Second, if you have questions or are not 100% sure on the form or if you are performing the lift right, be sure to ask one of the coaches NOT a member! With social media everyone says do it this way, or this way, but what needs to happen is learn what works for you and discuss it with the coach and see if it will help you moving forward. For some it’s learning to have a wider set up with feet, hand position on the split jerk, and much more. But be sure to discuss that with the coach during the class or after but everyone will be different so find the best set up and cues that will work for you!

Lastly, the goal for this class will be to perform the Olympic Lifts more efficiently and maintain this technique as we build closer to 1RM and throughout workouts! As we build each week, if you feel the form is changing drop back down to the bar or a weight you can continue to hit perfectly each time to keep dialing this in. Trust me trying to go heavier and losing the technique will only get you so far to where you will plateau! If you are able to execute the same form with the bar as you can 225, than you will be setting yourself up for a lot of success going forward. So put the ego aside drop down to the lighter weight and hammer the reps over and over to get this right! I am looking forward to seeing all the progress, and lifts going up this year!