Ready for the Open?


Ready for the Open?

United Performance Crew,

This week the blog is going to be about the CrossFit Games Open, benefits, when we will be performing it, and how everyone should be participating in it! The CrossFit Open is a great time to test all the hard work you have been putting in throughout the year and compete against everyone in the world. Not only will you be able to see how you stack up against your region, age group, and division you will have a blast doing the workouts! Having the entire gym come together and cheer each other on as you push through the workout, by getting your first muscle up, double under, PR on a lift and so much more! Having everyone together at this time of the year is by far one of the most exciting times!


If you are not planning on signing up because you don’t believe you can do the workouts prescribed, well you might need to re think that because they have a scaled division that is broken down for each of you to be able to do. The workouts will be modified the same way we would in the gym. So be sure to sign up and get ready for a great time!


We will be performing these workouts on Friday Night “Friday Night Lights” where everyone comes together, we hit the workout then hang out drink beer and enjoy everyone’s company! If you are not able to come in Friday Night to do the workouts you can perform them anytime from Friday morning thru Monday Night! Now go get signed up under United Performance Team and get ready for a awesome 5 weeks of competition!

Sign Up below!!