September 14,2022


September 14,2022

United Performance Fitness and Training Center – CrossFit

Shoulder Press

Weighted Pull-ups

In 15 minutes: Find a 3RM Strict Press & 3RM Strict Weighted Pull-Up

*Note for scaling – If unable to perform strict pull-ups, find a tough 3 rep strict variation, could be 3 rep eccentric only, using a band, something you can measure and repeat during next retest. *Compare to 8/10/22.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


15 min AMRAP:

12 Cal Echo Bike

9 Thrusters – 95/65#

6 CTB Pull-Ups

Part 3 – Optional Cool-Down:

Breathe Retention Holds: Laying supine with feet elevated on box or bench, after a natural exhale, hold your breathe as long as possible until you reach a 9/10 level of discomfort, return to normal nasal/belly breathing for 2 minutes x 3 sets