September 22,2022


September 22,2022

United Performance Fitness and Training Center – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)


0-5 min:

Find a Max L-Sit Hold

*as many attempts as you like

*Feet held above 45# Rubber Bumper Plate

5-10 min:

EMOM x 5: 3 Parallette Shoot Throughs/Direction w/ 1 sec pause in each position

10-15 min:

Tuck Support Hold on Boxes: 20 sec on; 40 sec off x 5 sets

*Add 1-2 min transiton b/t each pieces if needed

Metcon (No Measure)

Yoke, Tank, Rope:

3 sets at each station – in groups of 2-4 as needed to have similar loads

Station 1 – Yoke Walk – 100ft (down & back, move through middle of floor)

Station 2 – 100ft Torque Tank Push

Station 3 – 2-4 Rope Climbs or 4-6 Rope Walks w/ Feet on floor or Elevated

*Members share stations, complete all 3 sets on each station before moving to next.

*Bike or ski at easy pace on machines during rest breaks while other partners go

Part 3 – Cool-Down/Cash Out:

5 min Deep Diaphgragmatic “Box” Breathing @ 4422

*Laying in a spine supported position, on back or against wall, 4 sec exhale, 4 sec pause, 2 sec inhale, 2 sec pause – repeat for 5 minutes